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Southern Capital Limited was formed in 1997 as an investment company with an open mandate to invest shareholder funds in listed and unlisted equities as well as direct property.  Graeme Wong was an owner/founder and Executive Chairman. Within a short space of time SCL completed a reverse takeover of a property company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange which enabled wider access to capital and larger transactions.

By 2007, with global markets at speculative highs prior to the global financial crisis, the management decided to liquidate the remaining assets and return all funds to shareholders. Southern Capital’s founding shareholders received more than thirteen times their original investment, providing an annualized return to shareholders over the ten year life of the Company of over 30% p.a.

Graeme and Mark then began cross border investment and merchant banking activities under the branding of Southern Capital Partners.  Initial transactions focused on China and New Zealand but have now broadened with clients in USA and Europe.

Our Services

SCP advises on joint ventures, licensing, capital raising, and M&A transactions with a China cross-border focus, both inbound and outbound.

SCP works closely with its partner Rouse, a leading intellectual property services firm, to assist with evaluating, managing, and exploiting the core intellectual property assets of clients and portfolio companies. SCP will normally charge a combination of services fees and a success fee for closing a deal. SCP may also take an equity stake in client companies or new entities formed as a result of the transaction.

SCP also selectively invests in early stage companies with proprietary technologies.

Our clients

Our typical clients are foreign companies looking for China investments, joint ventures, strategic alliances, technology companies entering China, and Chinese companies looking for foreign investments.

Sectors that SCP has advised on include:

  • healthcare
  • green tech
  • new construction technologies
  • agri-tech
  • automotive

While our focus is on China, we have a reach beyond China in certain industries through historical experience and contacts.

Why us?

We are highly responsive and hands-on boutique firm with integrated skills in operations, finance and technology and a network of trusted contacts in the investment community.

SCP combines its long standing presence in China with core competencies in investment banking, board level governance in public and private companies, and technology commercialisation in emerging markets.

SCP’s strategic partnership with intellectual property specialists Rouse, gives us a unique capability to enhance the opportunities and manage the risks of bringing technologies to emerging markets.



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